Clip-on gen set

Every clip-on gen set is developed, designed and manufactured on a custom basis for transportation companies throughout Europe. This is the ideal manner of cooling cargo throughout various shipping methods. At Transcool, we provide bespoke gen sets of high-quality materials, ensuring the quality of all cargo you ship.


Place an easy-to-use clip-on gen set to keep your cargo cool

The main advantage of a clip-on gen set is that it literally clips on the side of the container. Cooling the container is made easy even when your expedition needs various transportation manners. Thanks to a gen set controller it is possible to remotely check whether the temperature is still stable. Some of the features that characterise the clip-on gen set Transcool develops:

  • Automatic pre-heat start
  • Voltage check
  • Oil pressure management
  • Clock to log usage time
  • Alarm list and reset
  • Water and temperature sensor

In addition, our custom-made gen sets are fuel-saving, making them cost efficient and eco-friendly. Even at low speeds, each gen set works efficiently.

Discuss the possibilities with our experts

Does a clip-on gen set sound like the ideal solution for your expedition company? We are more than happy to develop a bespoke gen set based on your requirements. Request a quote or contact our experts for more information. Phone us on +31 174 254873 or send an email to