Custom-made generator set

Buy a custom-made generator set designed and manufactured by Transcool and enjoy optimal power and fuel efficiency, even at low engine speeds. Our Dutch company specialises in producing bespoke generators for the European transportation sector and offers over 20 years of experience in the field.


Let us build a custom-made generator set to your requirements

Each custom-made generator set made by our experts is the result of years of experience and through research and development carried out in-house. Moreover, as our R&D focuses a great deal on putting customer and environment first, you enjoy a reliable and fuel efficient generator for your truck or lorry. One that comes with an extensive warranty of 24 months after installation, made possible by the excellent quality of our base materials and our protective surface coatings. Thus, buying a custom-made generator set from Transcool guarantees you a generator with many years of service.

Wide range of generator products

Though we specialise in building our own gen sets, both diesel and permanent magnet powered, as an alternative to RFL alternators or Mecc Alte generators, we also offer individual parts for sale. You can also find a range of used generators and clip-on gen sets. That way, we always offer you a solution that meets the needs of your expedition company.

Find your power solution

We are happy to discuss the best option for your company, be it a custom-made generator set or a speedpack. Contact us to inform us of your requirements by filling in the contact form or calling +31 174 254873. You can also immediately request a quote through our website.