Diesel generator set

If you require a diesel generator set for your truck or HGV, Transcool is happy to help. Our Dutch company specialises in designing and producing bespoke generator sets for the transportation sector in Europe. We offer a wide range of gen sets, both diesel and permanent magnet powered ones.


Diesel generator set for your expedition business

Each diesel generator set by Transcool is custom made to meet the requirements of your vehicle and transportation company. Every generator is the result of over 20 years of experience and our driven in-house R&D. Moreover, if you buy a diesel generator set from us, you are ensured of premium quality. We only use high-quality materials, as well as protective surface coatings. All generator parts are then placed on a sturdy galvanised aluminium frame. With every diesel generator set from Transcool you also receive 24 months’ warranty after installation and compliance with the Euro 6 emission standard, depending on the truck.

Contact us for more details

Are you looking for a generator set for your Reefer container? Or to replace your Kubota diesel engine? Whatever the circumstances, we are happy to discuss your wishes for a bespoke generator for your truck. Contact us to discuss the options via +31 174 254873 or send an email to info@transcoolbv.com. You can also request a quote through the site.