Generator for Fliegl

If you require a reliable and fuel efficient generator for your Fliegl truck, be sure to look at our range of generators for the transportation sector. Transcool, located in the Netherlands, is a specialist manufacturer of gen sets for expedition companies throughout Europe.


Generator for Fliegl trailers

Just as trailers manufactured by Fliegl are known to be economical, safe and efficient, so is each generator we develop. At Transcool, our mission is to supply the transportation sector in Europe with sustainable generators with high energy efficiency levels. This is made possible as each generator we produce is custom made for your Fliegl trailer. As such, we can tune the generator to provide sufficient power, even at low engine speeds. As each part is carefully positioned and placed on the generator during production, you are ensured of excellent serviceability. Moreover, you enjoy an extensive 24-month warranty after installation and excellent durability thanks to the premium quality materials used in constructing your Fliegl trailer generator.

Discover more about our generators

We are more than happy to provide you with more information about our diesel generators for Fliegl or our permanent magnet generators. As each gen set is custom made, we would like to discuss your wishes. Get in touch by emailing or via +31 174 254873 to set up a meeting. Or request a quote directly through our website.