Generator set for a reefer container

If you need to cool your cargo, a bespoke generator set for a reefer container offers the perfect solution. The reefer container has changed the way expedition can be dealt with. Thanks to a cooling container, also known as the reefer container, it is possible to transport cargo in a cooled environment making sure your products are delivered in a temperature-controlled environment.


A generator set for a cooling reefer container ensures the quality of your cargo

At Transcool, we have an in-house research and development department with over 20 years of experience with gen sets. All our solutions are produced from high-quality materials and set on galvanised metal frames. Every reefer container gen set has a long technical lifespan and additionally it comes with a 24-month warranty period after installation. This is an insurance of the premium quality of our reefer container diesel generator, also known as a gen set.

Find the best parts for your (diesel) generator for a reefer container

We also have different parts for a refrigerated container generator. These parts can be used during maintenance of a reefer container or when a specialist needs to install the generator set. Think of waterproof truck boxes, plugs and sockets, but also engine and electrical parts. Have you been searching for a reefer container generator that does not work on diesel? Than have a look at our permanent magnet generators.

Request a quote for a bespoke solution

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a gen set for a reefer container? We are more than happy to explore the opportunities with you. Please contact us by phoning +31 174 254873 or send an email to Discuss the requirement for a diesel generator specifically designed for a reefer container, so we can explore the options for a bespoke solution. It is also possible to directly request a quote. In this way, you know exactly what to expect when it comes to the price of a generator set for a reefer container that runs on diesel or another fuel.