Kubota diesel engines

At Transcool, you can find the perfect alternative to Kubota diesel engines. Our company, located in the Netherlands, specialises in developing and building bespoke generator sets for lorries and HGV’s. Rather than investing in the more expensive Kubota diesel engines, take a look at our product range developed especially for the transport sector in Europe.


Fuel-efficient alternatives to Kubota diesel engines

Japanese manufacturer Kubota is well-known for its diesel engines and agricultural equipment. However, costs soon spiral out of control when you need dozens of these engines for your expedition company. That is why Transcool offers more fuel and cost efficient generators as an alternative to Kubota diesel engines. Each generator set is custom made by our Dutch experts according to your needs. Moreover, each set is made from high-quality materials and set on galvanized metal frames. Thanks to specialist surface coatings, our generator sets offer you a long technical lifespan, so you can enjoy its services for many years to come. Similar to Kubota diesel engines, our diesel generators are compatible with various brands. In fact, most are compatible with lorries and trucks from all brands. Additionally, each Transcool gen set comes with a 24-month warranty after installation, ensuring you of its premium quality.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities

Learn more about our bespoke diesel generators for the transportation sector by reaching out to one of our experts. We are happy to discuss specifics and tell you more about the possibilities for your bespoke generator. Please, do not hesitate to contact us with your questions by phoning +31 174 254873. Or immediately request a quote through our website.