Refrigerated container generator parts

If you require refrigerated container generator parts, Transcool is happy to be of assistance. Our Dutch company specialises in designing and producing bespoke gen sets for the European transportation sector, but also offers individual parts.


Individual refrigerated container generator parts

Transcool offers an extensive range of generated parts for your refrigerated container, also known as a Reefer container. This ranges from engine parts to permanent magnets and even waterproof truck boxes. Electrical parts and plugs and sockets can also be found in our product range, providing you with everything you might need to maintenance and repair your gen set. Prices for these parts are available upon request.

Fully-built gen set

Naturally, we not only offer individual refrigerated container generator parts, but also fully-built gen sets. Both diesel and permanent magnet generators can be bought form us, an expert generator set manufacturer from the Netherlands. Each generator is made bespoke, according to your requirements and comes with 24 months of warranty after installation.

Let s help you find the right part

If you are interested in buying generator parts for your refrigerated container, we are happy to help you find the right parts. You can contact us for advice by emailing or calling +31 174 254873. Or immediately request a quote for the desired parts.