RFL generator

The best alternative to a RFL alternator is a bespoke generator produced by Transcool. As an expert manufacturer of custom-made permanent magnet and diesel generators, we specialise in producing efficient gen sets for the transportation sector in Europe. Read on to discover the benefits of our power sources.


The alternative to the RFL generator

RFL is renowned across the world for its alternators, but at Transcool you can find a more efficient permanent magnet generator as an alternative for your truck or lorry. Each gen set for the transport sector is designed to offer optimal power, even at low engine speeds. Moreover, each generator we produce as an alternative to RFL’s products comes with:

  • Voltage check
  • Clock to log usage time
  • Automatic pre-heat start
  • Water and temperature sensors

The latter is vital for Reefer container gen sets to ensure a constant temperature and excellent reliability.

Discover our power solutions for the transport sector

At Transcool, you can find a wide range of bespoke generators, whether you need a permanent magnet generator as an alternative to a RFL alternator or require a clip-on gen set or diesel generator. We are happy to discuss the best solution for your expedition company when you contact us. We can be reached via an email to info@transcoolbv.com or via +31 174 254873.