Speedpack 16|24

The Speedpack 16|24 is the fuel-saving solution Transcool offers to make your trucks and lorries more efficient. Thanks to years of extensive in-house research and development we have developed powerful gen sets for the European transport sector that are compatible with most truck and lorry brands. Read on to explore the most important characteristics of this bespoke solution for your company.


A custom-made Speedpack 16|24 for your truck or lorry

One of the main reasons to acquire a Speedpack 16|24 is its fuel efficiency rate of 94.3%. In other words, your trucks and lorries reduce costs so you have a guaranteed return on investment! In addition, through the installation of a fuel-saving gen set such as the Speedpack 16|24 you reduce pollution, which helps the environment. This gen set is especially effective when used on a Truck or D-Tek Portmaster, but it can be used with other chassis’ as well. More of its characteristics can be found on our products page, such as:

  • Automatic pre-heated start
  • Simple voltage check
  • Oil pressure management
  • Clock to log usage time
  • Alarm list and reset
  • Water and temperature sensor

As every Speedpack 16|24 is custom-made, it is even possible to have them produced as a waterproof truck box.

Explore the optimal power solution for your expedition company

We are more than happy to explore the best option for your expedition company when it comes to a Speedpack 16|24. Discuss your requirements with our experts to discover the maximum efficiency of your trucks and lorries. Use the contact form, phone us on +31 174 254873 or send an email to info@transcoolbv.com for more information.