Gen set for the transport sector

When you are looking for a gen set to use in the transport sector, Transcool develops custom-made generators for the European market. Ever generator is a bespoke solution which is developed, designed and manufactured based on your specific requirements. 

Compact 16, Speedpack 16/24, Speedpack and Undermount 16

At Transcool, we take pride in our high-quality gen sets like the Speedpack 16|24 or specialised solutions like refrigerated container generator parts. However, all of our bespoke gen sets include qualitative features that ensure high efficiency and reduced costs.

* Automatic pre-heat start
* Voltage check
* Oil pressure measurement
* Clock to log usage time
* Alarm list and reset
* Water and temperature sensor

Compatible with all truck brands

Output:24 kVA
Voltage: 400V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Operational speed: 1500 RPM

Weight: 395 kg
Dimensions: 1300 x 565 x 620

Emission standard: Euro 5
Warranty: 12 months from installation
Compatible with all truck brands

Output:30 kVA
Voltage: 400V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Operational speed: 1500 RPM
Operational pressure: 160 Bar

Weight: 155 kg
Dimensions: 700 x 720 x 420

Emission standard: Euro 6 (depending on the truck)

Warranty: 12 months from installation
Price: €800

Volume: 165 liters
Suspension: brackets with straps

Flowmeter: included
Fuel cap with keys: included

Weight: 19 kg
Dimensions: 1250 x 510 x 310
Other sizes: on request

Warranty: 12 months from installation

Clip-on gen sets

If you want to use a clip-on gen set, make sure to explore the many possibilities we offer as a generator set manufacturer for the transport sector.

* Motor Yanmar TNV88-BGGE
* Generator RFL-20 20 kw
* Tank 360 L
* Controller DSE

€ 9500,-

Used generators and cool units

Besides our own production, you can also contact us for used generator sets and cool units. You can see a few of the units that we have (or had) in stock below. If the unit you are looking for is not listed, do not hesitate to contact us. Not all used generators or cool units are listed.

Thermo King






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