Waterproof truck boxes

Waterproof truck boxes are a hands-on solution to prevent weathering of your gen set due to condensation. Our bespoke solutions are state-of-the-art products to ensure the highest efficiency for expedition companies throughout Europe.


Our waterproof truck boxes are compatible with most truck and lorry brands

Waterproof truck boxes are especially useful for refrigerated container generators that are used for temperature and cooling systems. Even if the generator is controlled with a remote gen set controller it is wise to protect the system from condensation or other moisture. Our custom-made gen sets are all made from high-quality materials and set on galvanised metal frames. Even our waterproof truck boxes are made from these high-quality materials to ensure the generator’s long lifespan of. Our gen sets and waterproof truck boxes are compatible with most lorries and trucks from renowned brands such as Reefer and Fliegl.

Request one of our bespoke solutions for your company

If you use a different brand or are unsure whether our waterproof truck boxes or other parts are compatible with your gen set, make sure to contact our experts. We are more than happy to provide you with more information on the matter. Phone us on +31 174 254873 or send an email to info@transcoolbv.com.